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  Friends and Flags Mystery Place Treasure Hunt Contest




Mystery Place #5
Jarun Lake is the place where paddling, sailing, cycling, rolling and swimming are the most popular summer sports.  During winter people go to the Medvednica Mountain to ski and participate in other winter sports. Jelacic Square is the central square in Zagreb the capital city.  Always crowded, used as meeting point and full of cafees, some of them more than 100 years old.
Strossmayer Walkway is a favorite place for walking. St. Mark's Square is the center of Old Town.  Here are Parliament and  Government.

 Questions and Assignments

1. What country is this?

2.  Go to the Friends and Flags Guestmap and look for the entry from this Friends and Flags partner class. 

a) What is the name of the teacher participating from this country?

3. This class participated in an Olympic Mascott Project.  Find their country on the project page 

a) What is the name of this partner's  school?

b)  How was this country called during Medieval years?

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