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F&F  classrooms take action to help victims of Tsunami Disaster!

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Author Lynn Manning Ross invites teachers  and kids to contribute to BOOK: World Kids Cook Out

















Welcome to our Friends and Flags  Community!


If the motion of a butterfly's wing has the power to create, a storm the size of a hurricane in another state, then certainly collaboration between children of every race, has the potential to make our world, a much better place. 

Karen Eini, Friends and Flags Project Director

Students and teachers world wide begin collaboration on the longest  global bead chain in the world!! Over 1000 beads and growing!! 

'Every bead is a symbol of a human and they are on one chain. The chain is our world. We do not want it to break                                                              

   Denis, 5th Grade Ein Ganim School, Israel     Learn more and register here!

What is Friends and Flags?  Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which promotes multicultural awareness by connecting classrooms around the world in international learning clusters. This award winning educational  initiative fosters tolerance, mutual respect and the joy of giving. Our mission is the empowerment  of a generation of compassionate and responsible global citizens, young leaders well prepared for the dynamics of the modern world. Who can participate?       Everyone can! The project is available for all formal and informal educational organizations: Schools, Home Schools, Hospital Schools, Clubs, Youth Groups , and more.  Thousands of students from 50 countries  from  1st grade through 12th grade have collaborated with their peers  in  global  clusters of  2-6 countries each.
Cluster Collaboration: Participants interact with international classroom partners in a private  Friends and Flags Forum, by email and by sending  cultural packages to each member in their  team in the post. Read more; Check out the partners who have made their own websites  and exhibits to share their Friends and Flags projects with their schools and local communities! 

Community Collaboration engages all clusters  in the Friends and Flags online  community in Peace Chain poems, multicultural quilts , writing corners , photoalbums and more.

Not a cluster partner but interested in the big picture and participating in  Friends and Flags global events!?  Contact project director!

When is the best time to register?:  

Registration for each year is open until November 30.  Register  now for 2004 -2005!   Time line:  Friends and Flags teams collaborate from September-June

Read about awards that Friends and Flags partners have won for their outstanding contributions to global collaboration 

Does it cost anything to join? No! Registration and participation in F&F  is free in exchange for global  commitment to your partners!! 

Friends and Flags is an educational program completely free of charge to educators around the world. Participating teachers receive all contact information about their global team partners, access to the F&F forum sites, comprehensive teaching materials, ongoing mentoring, opportunities to participate in community events and much more. Expenses will involve postage of packages to partner classes. Read more


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