Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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  Friends and Flags Treasure Hunt Mystery Contest




Mystery Place #2.


1. This Rock can be said to be the biggest in the world.

2. The Architect of this impressive building  was Danish architect Jorn Utzon

3. This bridge  took nine years to build. Its arch spans 503m, the top is 134 m above the water.  Its nick name is the Coat Hanger.

Questions and Assignments

1. What country is this?

2. What is the  name of the Rock in the picture?

3. What is the name of the building in the picture?

4. What is the name of the bridge in the picture?

5. Visit this Friends and Flags Partner school's  chain poem contribution.

a) What is the name of the school?

b) What did they write for their poem?

HELP Resources

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