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  Friends and Flags Mystery Place Treasure Hunt Contest




Mystery Place #4

We live in a village, which it is very urban.
We are near a large fresh water lake.

Our village is the home of Ernest the writer, who is also called 'Papa'.
We share him with Cuba where he lived and wrote for many years.

Our village is also the home of the famous builder Frank.
The "Pleasant Home" seen here is one of his creations.
His building style is called 'Prairie style'

Questions and Assignments

1.  What country is this?

2.  What is the  name of the state?

3.  What is the full name of the author in referred to in the clues?

4.  Visit this partner's school website

a)  What is the name of the school?

5. Click enter and tell us what countries  this school working with

6. Click on their Friends and Flags guide book.  Our community ( housing and entertainment )  and National Foods  have videos made by the students. 

7. Leave some feedback for this class on the Discussion Forum

        Begin with the words " We are on a Friends and Flags Treasure Hunt"  so that we can check that you did your assignment.

         Write some feedback about this partner's  work,

        Make sure to sign your first names, school,  country and F&F Group Number!

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