Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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  Friends and Flags Mystery Place Treasure Hunt Contest




Mystery Place #3

1. Our country is located on the Silk Road Route.

2.  Our three most famous ancient cities are Samarkand, Bukara, and Khiva.

3.  Our president is Islam Karimov.

4.  Cotton is one of our most important exports.

5.  Our favorite national foods are shashlik, plov and lagman.

6.  The shrinking Aral Sea is located in our country.

7.  We are surrounded by all the other "-stans."

8.  Our country is a Moslim country.

9.  Our capital city is Tashkent.

10. Our country is known for the generosity of its people.

Questions and Assignments

1. What country is this?

2. What is the  name of the musical instrument being played in the picture?

3. Read the F&F bulletin 

a) Where did this Friends and Flags partner teacher and 3 students go?

b) What is the name of their project website for the Global Junior Challenge?

c) Go to this project website.  What is the tradition when a baby learns to walk?

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