Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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  Friends and Flags Treasure Hunt Mystery Contest




Mystery Place #1.

1.We are located in the southeast region of a tropical country.

2.The valley we are located in is called Paraiba Valley and the river has the same name as the valley.

3. Our summer holiday is from December to  February.

4. The meanings of the colors in our flag:Green, our forest; the yellow of richness, the white for peace and the blue is our sky. Each star on our flag means one of our  states. 

5. On our F&F quilt patches we designed a Bahiana Girl. A Bahiana is a woman or a girl that represents the state of Bahia. She wears a dress with a lot of ornaments, jewellery around her neck and arms and a basket with fruits on her head.

Questions and Assignments

1. What country is this? 

2. Visit this Friends and Flags Partner school's  project website

a) What is the name of the school?

b) How many years have they been in the project?

c) What countries are they working with this year?

d) Sign this partner's Guestbook.  Begin with the words "We are on a Friends and Flags Treasure Hunt"  so that we can check that you did your assignment. Write some feedback about this partner's  work, and make sure to sign your first names, school,  country and F&F Group Number!

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