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Israeli Teachers Wkshp 11, 2000

Presentations in Canada

                 Netdays, Finland, 2000
                      ETAI Jerusalem Conference, 7/2001
              Romanian Multi-Media Summer Camp 7/2001

   Greenberg Teachers College, Beersheva,   Wkshp, 1/2002



Ontario Canada







Friends and Flags Workshops and Presentations

This page is devoted to  Friends and Flags workshops and presentations that have been held in different places around the world.  If you are interested in arranging  a  Friends and Flags multi-cultural collaborative workshop in your country  please contact Karen Eini for more information.

Israeli Teachers Workshop November 2000

This workshop was held for Israeli teachers participating in  Friends and Flags Project in the  year 2000.  The agenda consisted of ice -breakers and introductions as many of the 15 teachers present did not know each other except via email.  The program continued with teacher presentations  and discussion of adaptation of materials to grade and ability levels. Exhibition of packages  received and of students craft work was available for all to view during the 3 hour workshop. The 45 minute break out session enabled teachers to brainstorm additional research topics and assessment rubrics  which were collected and then printed for all  Israeli teachers.  Last hour was spent creating quilt patches as  samples for students. 

Karen admiring Tzafit and Helen's patches. Click on picture to see more pictures from this workshop.

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Teacher Presentations- Canada/2000

Irene A. presented  Friends and Flags during the school year in a series of teacher technology conferences  including  Ontario and in Montreal, Quebec. 

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Netd@ys Europe 2000

Netd@ys Europe 2000 is a European Commission initiative to encourage educational, cultural and other organisations to set up educational on-line projects.   Kirsti H. and students from the Harju Special School  presented their part of Friends and Flags at  Netdays 2000 in Tampere,Finland.

Friends and Flags Presentation in Finland during Netdays 2000. Click on the picture for more information .

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ETAI -Jerusalem Summer Conference 2001

The English Teachers Association of Israel (ETAI) holds 3  conferences a year.  The Summer Conference is the largest  of the three and draws a mixed  audience, both Israeli and international . Friends and Flags was presented during a  90 minute session. Israeli teachers and students who had been involved in the project during the year, played an active role in the presentation. The room held a seated audience of over 100 people. Friends and Flags Exhibits were spread around the room and teachers and students from the different schools presented their work at their stations.  The session began with a 20 minute  powerpoint explanation of Friends and Flags by Karen Eini , project coordinator and was followed by two additional powerpoint presentations. Annette. R , an Israeli participant from Petach Tikvah  demonstrated how she adapted the project to her own  high school students with specific needs. She spoke about the students increased level of self-confidence and marked  improvement in English skills.  The second presenter was Sandy M. from New York who shared the way in which the Friends and Flags project could be adapted to suit standard based curriculum in other countries.  This was followed by a presentation by students from Lod High School in Israel who shared their work , packages received and  impressions of the project. The last 20 minutes were open for the audience to interact with the presenters and to appreciate the Friends and Flags exhibit. 

Students from Lod HS in Israel each speak about different aspects of the project. 

Lynn ( left) presents her packages from USA, Australia etc.

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Baia MareRomanian Multi-Media Summer Camp 7/2001

In August 2001 , Mariana, H. arranged a 10 day multi-media summer camp for students and teachers from Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia in Baia Mare, Romania.  Mariana a Friends and Flags partner herself , invited other Friends and Flags teachers to join the camp as volunteer trainers. It was during these very special 10 days, that 3 Friends and Flags teachers met for the first time. Mariana,( Romania)  Susy. C ( USA) and Karen E ( Israel) worked together in  implementing and demonstrating  telecollaborative projects including F&F for  students and teachers participating at the camp.


Carmelo ( Malta) , Susy ( USA) and Mariana (Romania) 

Back : Halil ( Turkey), Mariana(Romania), Karen ( Israel), Isham ( Turkey) Front: Dimitri ( Bulgaria), Rodica ( Romania), Rodica ( Romania) Carmelo ( Malta) 


Teachers and students working together during online presentation of F&F.

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Greenberg College, Beersheva,   Wkshp, 1/2002

80 teachers from the Beersheva region participated in a 3 hour Friends and Flags workshop as part of their in-service training course. The  workshop  catered to their specific needs and provided hands on exposure to the collaborative components of the project. All teachers received a 17 page F&F program which accompanied all workshop activities. The teachers worked in groups which alternated between participation in F&F Israeli materials for cultural package as well as online introduction to Project website.

Karen and Jannette minutes before the opening session.

Working in collaborative circles.

Teachers present their collaborative efforts

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NECC02 San Antonio Texas

Presentation as winner of Online Shared Learning Award from Global Schoolnet .org in San Antonio, Texas, NECCO2, July 2002

More about this presentation

Global Learn Day 6 October 12, 13, 2002.-Online Conference

Click on the audio link below  to hear my presentation for Global Learn Day V1 . Visit the entire Global learn Day 6 conference, here.  Speaker Index

Micheline  Joseph from Doncrest Public School, Ontaria Canada promoted Friends and Flags at her  Board's office  during an open house for Curriculum Action Research as well as at  the University  for  Ontario Educational Research. Micheline  received the Teacher Researcher of the Year award for the Ontario Educational Research Council (OERC) for her research on Friends and Flags as a schoolwide project .


Friends and Flags teachers please send  Karen Eini   information about your presentations to be included here.














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