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Welcome to the Friends and Flags Bulletin Board of Special Recognition!

Friends and Flags participants around the world have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to multicultural learning.  The F&F  Bulletin Board  is our place to share partner achievements.

International Student Media Festival

Association for Educational Communications and Technology

  Congratulations to  Janet Barnstable and students of  Percy Julian School, Oak Park, IL, USA for winning the  Student Media Festival with their  Friends and Flags   "OUR COUNTRY BOOK ". 

Janet and her students will receive awards and certificates in Anaheim, California on October 26,2003.

The Festival will feature a screening of 'Our Country Book' and an opportunity for Festival winners to learn more about communications and technology as attendees at AECT's annual conference.                                 "Our Country Book"


Distinguished Technology Educator Award


Congratulations to Pam Eason for receiving the Distinguished Technology Educator Award from Irving, Texas, USA. 2003

Pam Eason was recognized for innovative work  with her 5th grade students from Elliot Elementary . The class used  Excel to organize and graph data collected from Friends and Flags partners.  

  Elliot Elementary


February 2004 Elliot Elementary School  wins the Irving Celebration of Excellence (ICE) Awards. Pam and her students won in the Innovative Programs for their Classroom to Classroom Projects. The award is a huge Chrystal trophy and $1000 for the school, which Pam intends to spend on collaborative projects. Pam writes to her collaborative partner Marsha Goren,Israel, "Thank you for making this award possible - without Dream-a Dream and Friends and Flags as wonderful examples of collaborative projects that help teach tolerance - The Classroom to Classroom project would have never won!" 
Congratulations to Marsha Goren and kids of  "Dream a dream with Ein Ganim" in Petach Tikvah, Israel  for being the  winner for the Overall International Category in the Learning Quest Challenge 2003

See the Winning Entry and other awards on Dream a Dream with Ein Ganim.

Congratulations to Marsha and Kids for being chosen to represent Israel in Global Challenge, Rome. * Karrie and Marsha met in Rome

Special Congratulations to F&F teacher Micheline  Joseph from Doncrest, Ontario Canada. who received the Teacher Researcher of the Year award for the Ontario Educational Research Council (OERC) . Micheline received the award for her Curriculum Action research on  implementation of Friends and Flags as a school wide project. Micheline's paper is available on her project website!
Congratulations to Karrie Dietz and students from Tashkent International school in Uzbekistan for being chosen to participate in the Global Junior Challenge in Rome, January 2003.

Treasures of Uzbekistan

Congratulations to Peoria Elementary School, in Phoenix Arizona who had special visitors come to their school and learn about their different projects including F&F!. They made a poster for F&F partners and  took  pictures with the following VIPs:

       Dr. Eugene W. Hickok, US Secretary of Education

     Fritz Maynes, Principal

     Tom Horn, Arizona Superintendent of Education

     Trent Franks, US Congressman

     Terri Mainwaring, Peoria Unified School District Administrator






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