Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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Friends and Flags Teacher Chat Transcripts

Dec. 1. 2002: Guest Speaker Lynn Manning Ross

karen> is it going Lynn?

.Marsha Goren> Hi janet

<Lynn Manning Ross>  Hi Janet, are you a teacher ~ from where

<Janet> Hello, Yes and on an old laptop since OS X won't work.

<Janet > I'm from Oak Park, Illinois, just outside chicago

<Marsha Goren> Lynn, I am going to Rome on Thursday night,

<Lynn Manning Ross> <Lynn> LOVE Oak Park!

<Janet > Me too - can't imagine how great it is to be going to Rome

<karen> marsha is so lucky

<karen> she deserves to be chosen..doing great work with her kids

<Lynn Manning Ross> <Lynn> I thought of you this morning Marsha, and

   ironically saw a travel show about Italy last evening


[Sun Dec 01 14:14:25 CST 2002] Karen Leonard: Marietta, Georgia USA

<karen> Hi Karen!

<karen> Welcome to the chat

<Marsha Goren> Hi Karen from Georgia 

<Janet > My friend Lina from Rome told me about last year's awards. It will be a

   great time.

<Karen Leonard> Hello How are you all?

<Lynn Manning Ross> <Lynn> where are you from K. L. ?

<Marsha Goren> Janet, thank s for the encouragement

<Karen Leonard> I am from Marietta Georgia

<Janet > Hello Karen L.

<Marsha Goren> Lynn tell us about your book. How is it going?

<Karen Leonard> Lynn, Yes, Georgia in the US

<Karen Leonard> I am in circle 41 with Orit from Israel and Elena from


<Janet > How funny, I automatically thought Georgia in Europe

<<karen> And Karen is in a circle with Elena from Montreal, where I grew

   up..small world eh?

<<Karen Leonard> Marsha, where in Israel are you from? We think about you

   all over there a lot when we hear the news.

</<<karen> ok..Lynn would you like to begin?

<<karen> Lynn would you like to begin by telling us about the book?

<Lynn Manning Ross> The book is titled Word Kids Cook Out.

<<Lynn Manning Ross> I want to capture 50+ countries via

   something we all have in common-holidays/celebrations and eating

<Lynn Manning Ross> I also created a Teacher's Activity Plan and a chart

   for conversions

<Lynn Manning Ross> One of your teachers F/F Karrie Dietz/Uzbekistan posted a

   success story about the project

<Marsha Goren> Sounds great! When do you think it will be published? I am

   excited !

<karen> Karrie is the teacher from Uzbekistan going to Rome with 3 kids like


<Lynn Manning Ross> It is a long process. Book like any product are

   developed about 18 month ahead of release

I envision the book also being a fund raiser

)It would be 'cool' if it could also continue to be a living document...via web

< Lynn Manning Ross> At one point in the future I will do a nonprofit (Yes And create a competition whereby teachers can profit

karen> Once its released I could promote it for you  on F&

<Karen Leonard> so you have put all of the information together and are just

   now waiting for publication or is this still an ongoing process



<Karen Leonard> i would love to be a part of this if you still need information

<LM Ross> Answering KL: Would you like to do the Am. Indians?

<Karen Leonard> i am sure that we could gather info for you

<LM Ross> To KL: Please email me at

<Karen Leonard> lynn, let me know what kind of info you need

<<LM Ross> Will do. I have a teachers Activity plan. or I can call you on the phone

<<karen> Lynn thats pleased that worked!!

<Marsha Goren> Lynn will the book include any of the decorating and designing

   that the kids use on their recipes

<LM Ross> To Marsha: Yes

<<LM Ross> <Lynn> I honestly believe that it is possible to focus the world toward

   love and acceptance versus hate


<LM Ross> <lynn> Good Luck and lots of hugs

<..LM Ross> <Lynn> Karen, thank you so much for the chat today. And I enjoyed

   <LM Ross> I will sign off with love to all ~

<karen> :) thats going to be a great moment Lynn, when the book comes out.ill

   get a screen shot of it for the site,

<karen> thanks for spending the time with us..

<LM Ross> You are gift to the world Karen

<karen> thank you....thank you..



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