Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Teacher Testimonials

This is a learning experience not only for us as educators but also for our students. While we need to make our children aware of what is happening in the world around us we must  ensure that this is done in an unbiased forum so that they can form their own opinion based on facts. The children of the world are our future so let all the political animals channel their energies into the empowerment of the children who will ultimately be responsible for our lives in years to come. We must teach them about love, understanding, unity and peace. This project encompasses all of these and much , much more. Forever in the development and empowerment of our children,               

 Margot B., Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies  

In these times when international collaboration is increasingly important, I am really happy to be joining in on this teaching endeavor.

  Hannah W.,  Denmark

Much more notice needs to be taken of the strength and power of genuine love. I hold out my hand to you Karen, as you have done to all of us. We need to make a ring of love to surround the world. God bless.

Kathleen M. USA

I just love the opportunities that Friends and Flags has given me. It has provided me with a chance to network with colleagues that I otherwise never meet and to bring this amazing project into many Canadian Schools. 

Irene A., Canada


I teach English as a Foreign Language at English For Ever School in Brazil, and found a new and wonderful way  of successfully integrating the internet into my classes through Friends and Flags. Friends and Flags impact goes beyond school as some of my students’  parents have also shown a great appreciation not only to their kids positive reaction, but also for the importance of such a cultural project.

Patty P., Brazil

What  I  liked  best  is  the  fact  that  the  main  aims  of  the  project  have been   really  fulfilled: developing  team  spirit, creativity, friendship  among  nations, pride for   the  youth’s  own  culture and integration of technology within our curriculum. The  result  was incredible. Besides the  appreciation  of  the  other country teams  involved ,  my  students  got  the  appreciation  of   all  the  teaching  staff  from  our school. The  project  was  presented  on  the  local  Media  too. You  cannot  imagine  how rewarded  my  students  aged  14-18 were. That  is  why this  year  we  decided  to  join  the  project  again.

Mariana H. , Romania

It has meant so much to me to read the email from all over the world this week with the same message; we must all find ways to bridge the world for our children.  The Friends and Flags project is such a bridge.

Micheline. J Canada

This project has been a lot of work for us but it has been the most rewarding, truly global project we have been involved in. Now we are seeing students from our school involved in emailing students from some of our Friends and partners schools as email pals. I was a bit worried about the quality of our quilt piece but involving parents who had skills in this area solved this and was a highlight for
many, surprising the number of boys who had never threaded a needle!

Lorna C. , Australia

 Friends and Flags has built hundreds of  living bridges and created a  growing community of educators and  student ambassadors who are committed to global collaboration. The project framework and website have  provided us with   a portal to the world and enabled learning  far beyond what  is written  and can be learned from the textbook, encyclopedia, newspaper , television and radio.  As a result of this exchange, students have made new friendships, learnt about themselves and others,  enhanced their self-esteem, expanded their horizons and acquired a wide range of computer and communication skills. All of which will contribute to helping  them focus on future goals and dreams.

Wendy S. , Canada







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