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Friends and Flags Teachers Meet!

During a trip to the US in  October 2001,  Birgit P. from Denmark ( left)  made a special stop in  Queens , New York to visit her Friends and Flags partner,  teacher, Sue R (right). 

Birgit and Sue were circle partners in the first year of the project 1999 and have collaborated on projects ever since!

On Monday, November12th, 2001  Karen Eini, ( Project Coordinator) was in New York for a conference and  was also very happy to be able to visit Sue . Though our visit coincided with the plane crash in Queens, we found comfort in each others company.
F&F classes and teachers meet in Canada! 

Paola and her class of high school students  traveled from Italy  to Nova Scotia to meet up with their Friends and Flags Partner class.  Read about their trip here!

  Friends and Flags Teachers Marsha ( Israel) and Karrie           ( Uzbekistan) meet in Rome for the Global Junior Challenge! Read more about this exciting adventure here

Instructional Materials

Friends and Flags Teachers Email List 2002

Teacher Discussion Board

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Author Lynn Manning Ross invites teachers and students from around the world to contribute to her book: World Kids Cook Out.   Friends and Flags partners can download the teachers guide  here! 

Interactive activities

Survey tool

 This friendly tool will enable your students to collect information from their partners in an exciting and interactive way.  Take a moment to try the survey below to see how I have used it to collect important project information from you.  After you have seen the results of the survey, click the "Friends and Flags" link  to come back to this page.

Quizzes and Games

Here are two great resources for making online quizzes and games  for your Friends and Flags partners  and community . Both  sites offers free registration and are  very user friendly. Once you have created a quiz or activity you will be given a URL. Just  send me the URL of your quiz and I will include it in the students activity center.

Funbrain:                 Quia


Audio Technology

Send a voice email to your partners or to the whole  list. Or add a greeting from your class to the Friends and Flags community. Very easy to use either with a microphone or telephone. !       Listen to a sample message ! 

Audio Messages:

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Geography Resources

Black and White Maps for printing/coloring

Informative site which includes national anthems

Cultural Resource:

Time Zones :

Currency Converter:

Graphics of World Currencies:

Send  partners a virtual postcard:

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Language Resources

English Language Teachers : EFL/ ESL/ TESOL


A great resource for ESL teachers:

Language Translators:

Languages Expressions  around the world:

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Comparing Countries: Worksheet with supporting website:                                              (Activity prepared by Karen Eini for EFL students/ adaptable for general population) 

Download worksheet : Worksheet

Use this website

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If  you have a link,  idea , worksheet , lesson plan  or experience  that you would like to contribute, contact  Karen Eini and your material  will be added to the Friends and Flags Teacher Lounge. 

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