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 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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International education day activities!

|| Map Game World Scavenger Hunt  |Flags PuzzlePack Your Bags:Peace Corps for Kids   Printable coloring pages of flags | Earth Web Cams for kids | Learn the States of America | Traditional  Costumes     My Planet | Flag Tag | Make Paper Models of Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and more

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See Japan through Kids Eyes    Tour Israel with Kids   Mexico for Kids Africa for Kids  Another Africa for Kids Site   Singapore for Kids      Egypt for Kids    France for Kids  Walk on Great  Wall of China

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Information and statistics about countries:

Black and White Flags for coloring:

Black and White Maps for printing/coloring:

Informative site which includes national anthems :

Cultural Resource:

Time Zones :

Currency Converter:

Graphics of World Currencies:

Languages Expressions  around the world:

Send  partners a virtual postcard:

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