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Community Center Partner Links

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Ben Gurion, Israel Gates Lane School of International Studies Worcester, MA USA
Maxwell Gifted School, WV, USA Eason Eagles
English For Ever School - Santa Branca - Brazil vestbjerg School in Denmark
Gracia's Class in Brazil Grampians, Australia
Ein Ganim, Israel Hannah Werk's Class from Denmark
Miss Carmen's Secondary English Class Brown Deer Middle School in Brown Deer, Wisconsin
Hospital School, Slovenia Remseck School in Germany!
West Spring Secondary School, Singapore Julian's Virtual Classroom - Oak Park, Illinois USA
Aldergrove, BC, Canada Midtsjזllands Ungdomsskole
Dueholmskolen, Nykרbing Mors, Denmark Craigie Pre-Primary, Australia
Wendy Vine's Class, BC Canada Tashkent School, Uzbekistan
Alawine Homeschool website
South High School, CA, USA
Doncrest School, Ontario Canada   YSA Academy South Korea





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