Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Register now for September 2006!


Friends and Flags  collects your personally identifiable 
information for the sole purpose of  project coordination. Friends and Flags will not sell, lease or publish your personal  information.  This will only  be used for correspondence with project coordinator and among your international team of countries.


There is a very long waiting list of US BASED schools. If you are an American based school, please register here and choose community collaboration, rather then specific partner collaboration .You will be able to join the Friends and Flags global blog and other art projects this way.




Friends and Flags is free for all educators.

 There may be  expenses involved in the production of packages and there are expenses for postage costs for overseas mailing!

The success of Friends and Flags  depends on   each global  participant's ability to honor project  commitments and   obligations. These include  sending packages and sending feedback to all partners in your  team. 

Please keep this in mind and do not submit this form if you can not commit to the project. 


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