Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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Community Center Mystery Contest

Mystery Place Treasure Hunt
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Welcome to the Friends and Flags Mystery Place Treasure Hunt !

Objectives: The objectives of this treasure hunt is to  have fun learning about Friends and Flags partners and their homes.   You will be using your reading and research skills to look for the answers! 


1. Download the Mystery Place worksheet.

 The mystery place worksheet is to help you organize your answers for the final entry form. 

2. Look at each of the mystery place  pictures and read the mystery place sentences and hints to help you answer the questions!

3. Make sure you follow the instructions and complete all assignments on the mystery pages

4.  Use the Internet resources to help you.

Are you ready!! HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!!!

You can go to start at any mystery link on the left or go to mystery link 1 now!




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