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Learning Outcomes.

The  Venn Diagram  below provides a visual graphic of information learned about Finland and Israel.

Letter of Feedback from partner teacher in Israel to Partner teacher in Finland :


Getting our first package of the project was such an exciting event that I wanted to share it with all of you. there's nothing like things you can hold in your hand to get the kids really involved and interested. I made up "treasure hunt" questions for the kids to make sure they went through all the package and I have rarely had such willingness to do classroom assignments. I believe this is something they really will remember! Our package was from Finland. Here's a copy of what I wrote them.


   Dear Kirsti, Riika and class,

Thank you sooo much for the lovely package - we were greatly excited by it and still are. Our principal and the other teachers (not to mention my family) were impressed with it also. You really invested in it!

    We all went "OOOH" and "aaah" over the lovely pictures of Finland. It's a beautiful country!!!!!!! And the pictures of the animals are amazing!!!! We couldn't believe how many lakes you have - we only have one, and it's pretty small!!!! if only we could give you some of our sun and you could give us a lake or two... You mentioned temperatures of -30 degrees, well we have over 30 degrees in the Summer! How hot can it get in your town in the Summer?

    The rock you sent us is so special (our geography teacher went nuts over it). we all looked at the colors in it again and again. Suddenly everyone volunteered to own it at the end of the year....

    Some things we have in common: both Finland and Israel have the same colors in their flag, did you notice? We had a female Prime Minister once, in the early 1970s. also, we have an amusement park with a roller coaster named "Tornado" though its smaller than the one you have. I was very excited to see that you get Jaffa oranges sent from Israel! Or's father grows oranges (among other things)!

   Everyone was very interested to see the pictures of the pupils and to read about what you all liked. My pupils were very interested in your class schedule. we discussed the fact that you don't learn on Sundays - a few kids weren't really aware of the fact that you are Christians. It also didn't occur to them that you can't find out on T.V every day (like we can) . How many Euro's the Shekel is worth (4 shekels to a Euro). We are the small country looking towards Europe, the rest of the world doesn't want daily info about the Shekel...

  We were surprised to learn that you learn Swedish and English and Finnish - that's a lot!

    Many of the pupils knew about the Mumintriolls from the T.V show but they don't watch it at their age. I loved it and watched every chapter. I also read all the books as a child, before there was a TV show. I always said that without using any violent themes (like Power Rangers, Spiderman and such) the stories are spellbinding!

   Thanks for the recipes, it will take us time to try them, I will write again.

We will be on vacation for three days next week, so there won't be a computer lesson.

Please tell us why you are going to Spain to ski. We understand why you would like to visit a lovely, much warmer country, but can't you ski at home often? Or is it too cold to ski comfortably?

Have a great vacation and be well!


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Information Links on  Israel / Finland





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