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A list of proposing a solution essay topic ideas

One of the most common types of essays students are given to write are solution types. These are relatively common for assignments that are short. This article will give you ideas on the possible topics you can write about, how to write such a type of essay and where you can find help.

  • Structure
    Solution papers consider a problematic situation and provide the solution to solve the problem. As such the general structure of the essay should remain how you normally structure them that is that there should be an introduction – where you introduce the situation, the main body and a conclusion, where you evaluate your points. However in the main body you should make sure to follow a specific structure: either a block structure or a chain structure.
    In a block structure you write down all the problems of the situation you are writing about and then write the solutions for them together afterwards. In a chain structure you discuss one problem then immediately follow it with the solution to that problem. The former is used more in short essays. You should use evidence to back up your claims, and source them in your bibliography.
  • Topic Ideas
    There is no standard topic to choose when writing a solution assignment, and so you can write about anything that interests you, the only condition is that there needs to be a conflict to which you present a solution for. Some example topic you could choose are listed below:
    • What should be done to allow people in long-term unemployment to improve their situation?
    • Should Governments allow tax breaks for corporations to open up new markets?
    • What can be done to curb the rise of bullying on social media?
    • What should be done to lower the obesity levels in the United States?
    • Could enacting stricter gun control in the United States lead to a fall in the level of gun crime?
    • What steps should individuals take to protect their privacy on the Internet?
    • What should be done to address stagnant wages in the United States?
    • What is the best way to help victims of domestic violence?
    • What is the best way to rehabilitate prisoners so they can become productive members of society after they serve their prison time?
    • How can world poverty be tackled?

    These are just a few ideas to get you started, however there are so many more topics you could choose to write a solution paper about.

  • Further Help
    If you still require further help in regards to writing a solution paper then there are many writing agencies and companies that can help guide you in the right direction. They are highly reliable, have expert staff with many years of writing experience and charge competitive prices. You can also check here for more info.
    We have generated many solution topics for you to write about, and hopefully you can use these to come up with your own ideas and topics. Remember if you are stuck and cannot think of an adequate topic relating to your subject then it is best to make use of a writing service.