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What Is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay: an Expert Answer

There are many types of analysis students undertake during their studies, and one they come across often is a rhetorical analysis. A rhetorical analysis can be done on any type of medium such as texts, films and TV shows. A rhetorical analysis seeks to understand the rhetorical devices used in the medium you are required to analyze.

  1. Structure
    As with any assignment you undertake there should be a clear structure to your writing. The accepted convention is to have an introduction then the main body of your analysis that should include all the main details and then a conclusion. This simple structure allows you to write with a clear goal in mind.
  2. Introduction
    When writing a rhetorical analysis essay your introduction should make use of the SOAPS technique that means that you write the Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose and Subject of the text. Using this in your introduction makes it very clear for the reader to see what you are analyzing, who it is from, as well add the subject matter and purpose of it.
  3. Body
    This is the main part of the paper and where your analysis will take place. When writing the analysis, it is best to work through in chronological order so your work looks organized. The main body of the analysis is where you will now detail about the types of rhetorical devices the writer uses in their text. Below is a list of some of the rhetorical devices you can discuss being used by authors:
    • Ethical, logical and pathetic appeals – these are appeals to logic and emotion
    • Repetition – this is another widely used rhetorical device by many writers. The repetition of certain words or phrases is meant to highlight some importance attached to them
    • Figurative language – this is the imagery the writer uses and these usually involve using similes and metaphors
    • Choice of words – this is the words the author uses to convey a point
  4. Analysis
    Now it is not sufficient enough to just note down the rhetorical devices the author uses when writing a rhetorical analysis essay, you have to analyze them as well. Analyzing these devices includes:
    • Writing why you feel the author uses such devices at certain points. It is helpful to note that universities encourage students to write their opinion and viewpoints in their essays. You should write how a certain rhetorical device makes you feel and why you think the author used it to evoke such feeling from you.
    • Aside from your own viewpoint, you should also consider the target audience for the author and how what the effect of these rhetorical devices is on them.
    • A good rhetorical analysis essay also evaluates how well the author uses these devices for effect. You do not necessarily have to agree that the author uses his devices at the right time.
  5. Conclusion
    The conclusion should summarize all your points, as well as your opinion on the text.
    If you need further help with writing a rhetorical analysis. If you follow the guideline as shown, then you will do very well with your analysis. Remember to have a straightforward structure, which analyzes all the rhetorical points of the source you are asked to write on.