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Compelling Position Essay Topics To Consider

A position essay is also known as an argumentative essay. In this case, there are two sides, one of which you are defending and the other of which you are against. Therefore, you have to ensure you get adequate ideas that can support your side so that you do not end up with a poorly defended work. People who select great topics normally have winning papers since the two go hand in hand. In case you have no clue on what features to base on before selecting a topic to write about, you should get the knowledge from an experienced student or your teacher. The points below are important for you.

Features of a good position essay

  • Controversial: This may seem quite ridiculous but the truth of the matter is that, the more the controversial the topic is, the more it will be good for debating.
  • Should be long enough: This is simply to make sure that you get adequate points on both sides. An extremely shorter topic will not allow you to carry pout an exploration to get points you can use for the defense.
  • Should be interesting: Hooking the reader is one of the major purposes of a good topic. Therefore, you need to use great vocabularies that can draw in the mind of the reader and make them like your work.

Below is a collection of top grade position essay topics you can select from.

  1. Should abortion be made legal in all countries or not?
  2. Was it right for the gays to be given their right in the constitution of the American States?
  3. Should all scientists who use live animals for their experimentations be charged in a court of law?
  4. Should all industries that empty their wastes in the nearby rivers be closed for pollution?
  5. Is it right to adopt children from other families?
  6. Should people be allowed to visit any countries they want without restrictions?
  7. Do soap chemicals lead to breast cancer in women?
  8. Is it right for murderers to be put on death sentences?
  9. Is it beneficial to punish students?
  10. Should parents help their children in doing homework?