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Extraordinary Narrative Essay Topics For High School

If you want to create memories in the minds of your audience, then all you have to go for is the narrative essay. You will never regret as this is one of the interesting writing you can ever go for. For instance, you have the liberty to choose any topic you believe can create memories and capture the mind of your readers. Even though you are thinking of making it mind-grabbing, you have to start by getting essay topics, narrative based. Many people have tried to craft topics but found it hard. Moreover, with available topics, there are still those who get confused, since they have no clue on what they need to major on.

Features of an interesting narrative essay topic

If you want to get top-notch essay topics for narrative, there are specific features you need to put in mind. Failure to recognize them will only make you choose a poor quality from which you cannot compose an interesting story. Focus on these.

  • It should be short and precise; here, simply make sure that it falls between thirteen and twenty words. Be composed of simple but unparalleled vocabulary: Complicated content normally take readers at sea as they cannot understand the true meaning of the words. Therefore, you have to ensure that the words used are easily understandable.
  • It should be sensible: Before you get happy with your topic, you have to reread it to make sure it has a meaning. There are some writers who normally compose topics that are totally senseless such that readers get even more confused.
  • Free from plagiarism: There are some people who are not keen about what they jot down and therefore, they end up with directly copied content from other resources. If there is no citation for the same, the text will be considered plagiarized. Therefore, make sure you modify the topic so that it becomes very unique and captivating.
  • Free from mistakes: presence of tying errors and grammatical mistakes in a topic normally makes the reader get a wrong impression of the writer. For instance, you may be thought to be careless. In order to avert from this therefore, you have to ensure your topics are clear and lucid apart from having a logical meaning.

You do not have to panic anymore. The following topics can be helpful to any high school student who wants to craft a narrative essay.

  1. The first day to joined college and the first friends you met in your hostel
  2. How you encountered a difficult situation for the first time
  3. The longest field trip you have ever gone to with the rest of your classmates
  4. Your most fearful day at a night party together with your best friends
  5. A field trip that turned out to be a fearful story you can never forget
  6. How you won your first cash in a gambling game
  7. The winning goal you scored during your interschool games against your moist fearful opponents
  8. The most exiting memories you created with your loved ones
  9. An illustration of the things that led you into a situation that finally threw you in a cell
  10. The day you first bought your best pet from the nearby market

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