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Of Mice and Men persuasive essay writing hints

There are many different types of writing, and students are often asked to write about pieces of literature they read in school to strengthen their ability to both write and debate. Of Mice and Men is a very important piece of classical American literature taught in schools and this article will give hint on how to write an excellent persuasive essay on the novel.

Persuasive Writing

To write a good persuasive assignment it is essential to know what persuasive writing entails. Persuasive writing aims to make the reader see an argument or topic from the writer’s point of view. A good example of persuasive writing are adverts which aim to convince its readers to buy the item they are promoting. A key aspect of persuasive writing is to present a logical argument that the reader can follow, and in the context Of Mice and Men this means to make sure that your writing has plenty of quotes from the text and you constantly refer to the novel. Another aspect of argumentative writing you have to take into consideration are any counterarguments to your points and to refute them.
The structure of an argumentative essay should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This should present to the reader of what you will be arguing. Make sure that you start strongly and make it very clear what you will be arguing for.
  • Main Body: This is where you will be presenting your argument.
  • Conclusion: This should summarise your argument and hammer home your point of view to the reader.


Here are some persuasive argument topics you can write about Of Mice and Men:

  • Discuss the companionship of George and Lennie
  • How important is foreshadowing in the novel?
  • How does the book describe the relationship between men?
  • What do the actions of George at the conclusion of the novel tell us about him?
  • What role do Slim, Crooks and Curley play in the novel?

These are just a few topics from many you could write about on Of Mice and Men.
We hope you can use these essay hints to write a very successful essay on Of Mice and Men. Remember the basic elements of what makes a good piece of persuasive writing.