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Julius Caesar: persuasive essay writing directions

Juluis Caesar is a very famous play by Shakespeare, and it is one of the many plays written by him based on historical figures. However Shakespeare twists a few facts in his play, from the actual historical reality, for added dramatic effect. Due to the popularity of the play and its importance in theatre, many students are tasked with writing persuasive essays on the play. This article will explain how to accomplish this.

Persuasive Essay

The key to persuasive writing is to persuade the reader to your points of view. Therefore it is necessary to choose a side before you begin writing your paper. After you have chosen a side, it is time to collect the relevant evidence. In the context of Julius Caesar you want to collect quotes from the play as well as read up on historical context, both in Shakespeare’s time and in the time of Julius Caesar, as this could be important in exaplining certain concepts to your audience.
Afer you have done this, you should see which evidence is the strongest and put this in your work. A key part of persuasive writing, which many students overlook, is to refute the key arguments opposing your view point. Again, you have to do this with evidence, so collect quotes for refutation.


There are many topics to write an excellent persuasive essay on Julius Ceasar, however the following are some of the best we think that suit this type of writing:

  • Discuss Shakespare’s use of the supernatural in the play.
  • How does Cesar’s memory hold power over the people even after his death?
  • Is Brutus a villain or a hero?
  • Is the line between hero and villain blurred in the play?
  • What role do women have in the play?
  • How powerful is the use of deception?
  • How important is loyalty seen as in the play?
  • How important is Caesar’s speech in the play?

You cannot go wrong with writing a persuasive essay on these topics, and you will have plenty to put forward as your view.
Julius Caesar is a very famour play taught in schools around the world. With out suggestions you will ace your class with flying colours.