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Suggestions of Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

Exemplfication writing can be quite tough for students to compose. Many students are confused by the definitions of it they are given by their teachers, and make many mistakes composing this sort of paper. This article will give you both a guide and good solid exemplification essay topics to write about for this type of an assignment. Using this guide you will pass with flying colours.

Exemplification Essay

Exemplification writing involves using specific examples in your work, as opposed to talking about in general terms. For instance, when talking about the advantages of vaccination, it is not sufficient enough to claim that it prevents many types of diseases, you have to give specific examples of when it has prevented diseases for humans. In essence it is a form of an argumentative assignment, but asks for more detail.

Before you write your paper it is pivotal to decide tthe specific examples you will be using, and to make a list of the ones you think would suit your argument the most. Jot down points about them and write down which points you will make for your assignment.


Many students are confused about which exemplification essay topics are appropriate to write on. The key ingredient is to choose a topic with which you can talk about many specific points. We have you covered by suggesting the following topics to write on:

  • The negative effects of global warming
  • The effects of social media
  • Why is obesity an epidemic in the US
  • Negative effects of genetic engineering
  • The advantages of online education
  • Write an essay exploring the writing of your favourite author
  • The effects of social media with regards to privacy
  • Has immigration fueled the rise of nationalism in many countries?
  • Is deforestation a crisis?
  • How can high rates of teenage pregnancy be countered?
  • What effect has political correctness had on society?

There are many topics you could choose from, but these are some of the best ones to base your writing on.

Exemplification writing is pretty easy to grasp when understanding what it truly means. If you follow this guide and the topics suggested then you will get great marks and impress your teachers.