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In search of a social media argumentative essay

Social media has blossomed in recent times and with the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, it has become an integral part of modern life. Many people use social media as means of getting news, being in touch with loved ones and keeping up to date with the latest trends. Due to social media’s integral role in contemporary life many students are asked to write essays on the topic, but many professors and teachers fail to properly educate students about the topic thinking that since students use social media so much they will be already be really knowledgeable about it. Unfortunately this is not always the case, but you have come to the right place if you are in search for an argumentative essay on social media.

  • How To Write An Argumentative Essay
    Your essay should follow a basic outline such as:
    Introduction – Here you introduce your point of view and give a brief overview on the topic
    Main body – this compromises of developing your argument and then refuting any arguments against your claim
    Conclusion – here you produce a summary of your argument
    A key aspect of an argumentative paper is that you make your claim, but also examine claims against it. When making your claim you should back it up with evidence and make sure to include a bibliography at the end with all the resources listed clearly. You also refute your opponent’s claims with the adequate evidence citing sources.
  • Social Media Topics
    If you are at a loss with thinking about which social media topics to write about then here are some ideas you could use, or modify yourself:
    • The rise of social media
    • Has social media had a positive effect on younger people?
    • Has social media made people, especially younger people, antisocial?
    • Has social media led to radicalization?
    • Is it a good thing that social media has made it easier to communicate with celebrities and important people?
    • Has social media led to the rise of bullying?
    • What is the effect of the privacy agreements of many social media platforms? Do they impede on people’s privacy?
    • How has social media influenced the way businesses work?
    • What is the role of social media for the future?
    • How can social media be used by businesses to good effect?
  • And these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more topics you can discuss pertaining to social media.
  • Writing Websites
    If you are still stuck on how to write a top quality argumentative essay on social media then you can make use of writing companies specifically tailored towards this topic. They employ many writers who are experts of social media and have many years experience writing high quality argumentative assignments for their clients. It is a stress free and easy way to get your essay completed to a very high standard.

If you follow this guide then you should be able to craft a very high standard argumentative essay on social media. Remember, that if you feel that there is not enough time to do it then you can always use a writing agency.