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How to compose a 7th grade argumentative essay

Many 7th graders across the country are introduced to various different types of essay types. One of these is argumentative writing, which develops their ability to present and argument and logically support their opinions. This article will explain how to compose a good piece of argumentative writing.

  • Basics Of Argumentative Writing
    7th grade essay writing is tough for many students, as they find it hard to adhere to the specific requirements of their assignment. However this basic guide will allow you to easily follow all the steps in what makes up argumentative writing. The key aspect of argumentative writing is that you develop your argument, providing sources for your claims. To do this you can use logical reasoning, quote experts in the field of your topic and cite statistics and figures. This gives your argument weight and legitimacy.
    Many students can follow that aspect of argumentative writing however what many fail to grasp is that you also have to refute the counter arguments to your claim. This is pivotal for a successful argumentative paper.
  • The way in which you structure your writing is as follows:
    • Introduction: Here you introduce the reader to the topic you will be talking about and what you will be arguing for.
    • Main Body: Here is where you will put your argument and your refutation of opposing claims. It is best to structure this so that you write your claim first, then talk about opposing views. When discussing opposing views, it is best to state what they are and then offer a refutation to it.
    • Conclusion: Here you summarize your arguments and also reiterate the importance of your argument and why you believe in it.
    Now that you know exactly the requirements of an argumentative essay, 7th grade essay writing should be very easy for you to compose.
  • Interesting Topics
    Below are some interesting topics you could write about:
    • Should marijuana be legalised for medical purposes?
    • Should the drinking age be lowered or raised?
    • Is animal testing morally sound?
    • Should college be made free?
    These are just a few topics you could discuss, but there is unlimited choice in terms of what you could argue for.

After following this guide it should be very easy for you to achieve an excellent grade in your work and impress your teacher.