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Doncrest Public School/ Canada

Ein Ganim/ Israel

English Forever School/ Brazil

Baia Mare Romania

Katzir/ Israel



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Friends and Flags Exhibits

Doncrest Public School in Ontario,Canada had a school wide event!

Doncrest students in Grades 1-6 prepared packages for their partners. The final event , exhibiting all of the packages received, involved the whole school and members of the community.  Watch a movie of their event here

English Forever School, Brazil

Parents and children attended the two day multicultural event. In the picture on the right the girls are dancing a dance that they choreographed by themselves, representing each country! More information on the English For Ever School - Santa Branca - Brazil Website. 

Ein Ganim, Israel

The students of Ein Ganim put together an amazing evening to showcase the work done during the year in their Rock and Roll and Friends and Flags project. Over 200 parents and friends attended. Parents helped by preparing food of all the different dishes from the countries studied. The children presented their work and sang and danced . Karen Eini project coordinator ,was invited as a special during the evening and shared a powerpoint presentation about Friends and Flags.


Visit Ein Ganim  here

Exhibit from Baia Mare, Romania  Year 2001

Students in School 17 in Baia Mare, Romania presented their Friends and Flags work to other schools in the Baia Mare District. They made a collage presented their products and made their own Friends and Flags T-shirts!!


Friends and Flags first began in Katzir School in Israel in 1999. That first year, our school was involved in  4 Friends and Flags circles. Students in grades 6-9 worked together to make  20 cultural  packages with plenty  of information about ourselves, our school, community and Israel.  We sent these packages to our partners, but before we did, we invited  our parents to a special display of our  hard work!!  

Then during the year we  also received   20 wonderful packages from many countries around the world. At the end of the year we had a great Friends and Flags Festival. The whole school was involved and parents and members of the community were invited as guests for the event. We spent several days preparing our displays and learning information  about our international partners in order to be able to present them .


The  big day began with all presenters ( grades 6-9) receiving Katzir School Friends and Flags T-shirts. All younger students in Grades 1-5, received tourist passports and colored the  national flags in the passports according to colored flag keys, which were placed around the school yard.


Then the students moved from country exhibit to exhibit, listening to short lectures by students in grades 6-9.

Presenting Australia,        Japan                            USA

The learners listened to the presenters and waited patiently to get their passports stamped.

Friends and Flags members  around the globe  have the wonderful opportunity to make multi-cultural learning centers,   exhibits and  presentations of the authentic items they receive from their international country partners.

Danish Partner's Display of Cultural Packages

From Slovenia, Japan and Australia and United States of America

The day ended with ice-cream for everyone in the whole school! All in all it was a great success. You can see more  pictures of the event in our     Festival Album.


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