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Ein Ganim  pupils reflect about their teacher, Marsh Goren and earn  Marsha  F&F teachers mug!!! More about Ein Ganim here!

Our teacher Marsha, is the best teacher in the whole world!!!! We don't know any teacher or student who doesn't love her. We love her and her projects very much! Her projects are spacial and extremely fun! There aren't any projects like these projects in any other school in Israel and probably not much in the whole world. We like our English room very much. It is very beautiful, it is very fun to look at it and it is decarated very pretty. Every time we get in the Engkish room, we get a `surprise` because it is the nices't room in our school! Marsha is nice, she is smart she knows how to reach the pupils hearts, and she cares about us very much! We wish, we could take her, to the junior high with us! We don't want to say good-bye, and we want to stay with her forever... Marsha is very talented. She won lots of prizes such as: A laptop, a trip to Rome with three students-and in Rome, she won another prize. She tought us the cause and effect project, she also tought us all our knowledge. She begane with pupils with third grade knowledge, and she arrived with us to a very high level. Once, we had a very big fight, and she solved that problem, not by punishing us, by taiking about what friends are and we understood that. And now, we are great friends. Marsha is a great teacher, and we love her. Dar S. and Ravid S. 6th grade, Ein-Ganim school, Israel.",

My teacher is special because together we sing Beatles songs and this is so much fun. We sing songs like: "She Loves you", "Twist And Shout", "Rock Around The Clock" (This isn't a Beatles song)and more. We like to sing and to learn together, we are very happy with the song lessons because we like to sing with Marsha very much. This month we had a Bealtes show. In this show we sang, read, talked and danced. Our parents were very happy because they liked the Beatles too. To me our teacher is really special. Michal G

My teacher is speical because not like many teachers she lets us sing songs in her lessons and by the Rock'n Roll music we learn English.Marsha's lessons are the best!Another great thing about Marsha is that she gives us computer lessons.In one word, Marsha is GREAT! The best teacher indeed. Saar.A

Marsha is very nice teacher, and in the English lessons, we sing songs of the Beatles, and we also sing songs of the Rock'n Roll. All of the pupils like her lessons. Or D.

Our school is very special and we like it so much. Ein Ganim is beautiful and very, very, wonderful. We want to bless all the teachers and the pupils and to tell them, we dream about happiness, and health for you all of the time, To be together with all of you, Don't stop dreaming with us!


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