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 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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April 25th, 2004  


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 IMAGINE.... a chain of people,
Linked arm in arm,
Wrapping around the world,
Protecting it from harm.

Karen Eini, Project Director

International collaboration of a global  bead chain wrapped around a sculpture of a globe is the tangible realization of this verse from the Peace Chain Poem written by Friends and Flags members in 2002


Global Bead Chain Objectives                             


* To create the longest  chain of beads in the world .    A symbol of  global and peaceful  collaboration between  youth and their leaders .  A  simple concept yet a significant  statement of linking together and making a difference in the world!

* To display the international bead chain by wrapping it around an artistic sculpture of a globe.

* To exhibit Friends and Flags global bead chain in host communities around the world!


Invite   each student in your class/group/ club  to choose ONE bead to represent him/ herself in the global bead chain. Beads can be from wood, ceramic, plastic, clay,  hand made or bought but each student should try to   bring a UNIQUE and special  bead to class.

The message of this global bead chain is one of diversity and unity.  Students should each choose a different bead, but beads that are unique to  specific countries and  cultures are a wonderful way to represent global participation.

Size Diameter of bead hole : Most important is that the diameter of the hole of each student's  bead is wide enough for teacher to string all student beads together. 

Size of Bead: Beads should be big enough in size so that none get lost in the chain. 

Anchor  Bead: Include one larger size anchor bead  to represent the teacher or  leader of the group.

Identification:  Attach the name of your school/organization, state, country to your string of beads. This can be attached in any original way you see fit.  The idea is that we will be able to identify each classes string of beads!

Knots  : Tie  a couple of strong knots on both ends of your string of beads. Leave at least 12 inches ( on both ends of your string of beads.

Global Bead Form Complete the bead form document that you received upon registration and mail it in the post together with your string of beads to the address on the form.

Comments  and Feedback

5th grade from  Ein Ganim School, Israel:

 I want that every bead will symbol a bird and we could fly together to the sky with no worries and with no wars and troubles. Almog F. 5th grade, Ein Ganim Israel

I want  every bead to be a symbol peace and tranquility, love and friendship.I think that every bead symbols a different child.   Avital

 I want every bead to be a of  symbol health, happiness and love to the whole world. Naama.


 Lesson Plans

Bead Activity for "Friends and flags" ( Grades 4-6)

By: Marsha Goren/3rd year member of Friends and flags Coordinator of "Dream a dream with Ein Ganim"

 Teacher's Role

Ask the children to bring in a bead that they like and would like to be part of a bead chain that represents their class and school. Once they bring in the beads, it is nice to take a box and walk around the classroom so they may compare and guess who brought in the different beads. Then do some brainstorming on the board,

For example: Dan has a bead with a flower, why do you think he chose this bead? Write some key words on the board and then ask the child who the bead belongs to the correct answer.

It is a good idea to ask each child to prepare a sentence or some kind of message that he wants to express with his bead on the class chain. I explained that our class chain would be linked to chains with many classes and children from around the world that are members of friends and flags and dream a dream.

Then have each child read what he wrote for the class chain.  Have  children create a document  with everyone's answers. After typing up  our class document, two girls made the chain for us.  Take  pictures.

 marsha1.jpg (31996 bytes)boys1.JPG (22742 bytes)

 The children enjoyed this activity very much and connected to it easily! It is a good idea to take a few pictures with the kids with the finished product. I highly recommend this wonderful activity to everyone!


Handthoughts A wonderful site about beads and bead art around the world

Bead Museum  : A museum dedicated to beads from around the wold



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