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Friends and Flags News Bulletin January 2003


Bulletin 2

Bulletin 3 

F&F  Teachers and Kids Meet in Global Junior Challenge in Rome December 2002

Friends and Flags Teachers in Rome!!!
Marsha  ( on the left ) from Israel  and Karrie  ( on the right) from  Uzbekistan  Meet in Rome during Global Junior Challenge!

Marsha and Karrie met in Rome during the Global Junior Challenge as both were chosen to participate in the twinning projects with Italian Schools! They each traveled with three of their students and participated in workshops with the their Italian partners. In addition they presented their projects during the Global Junior Conference

Marsha and kids presented Dream a Dream with Ein Ganim as well as Friends and Flags!

Karrie and Kids presented Treasures of Uzbekistan

Friends and Flags kids share and care! 

6th grade student from Valholv School in Sweden writes in the writing corner...              

" I dont want any war.
no one should be poor.
i wish i will win lots of money, then i will share it with other.

Read more student content at  Global Greetings or  Dream a Dream Discussions !

 F&F Peace Dictionary

Special thank you to Becca and students in Japan for their contributions! Click to hear the pronunciation Peace =Heiwa  

 More F&F Peace Dictionary words coming soon! 

Announcing Friends and Flags Mystery Contest!

Kids have fun searching for places in the Friends and Flags mystery contest!  Get the worksheets from your teachers and start searching now! !!!!



Friends and Flags Teacher wins Research Award for Project Implementation

Special Congratulations to F&F teacher Micheline  Joseph from Doncrest, Ontario Canada. who received the Teacher Researcher of the Year award for the Ontario Educational Research Council (OERC) . Micheline received the award for her Curriculum Action research on  implementation of Friends and Flags as a school wide project. Micheline's paper is available for downloading  with her permission! Download here!

Friends and Flags Packages  Arrive!

Jennifer Barret and students from The Harbour School at Annapolis USA were very excited to receive their first package from their partners from Queensland, Australia this week!

Jennifer's students  learned about Australian Sandwich Spread Vegemite, which they decided is an  "acquired taste" :)  as well as many other interesting things about Australia!

F&F partners tell about an amazing Field Trip!

Our Friends and Flags partners from Poroti School in New Zealand went on an amazing field trip! They went panning for  for gold. Read more about their trip in the local newspaper article posted here. .  Thank you Sheryl for sending us this story.




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