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 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Founders of Friends and Flags

Friends and Flags was originally  launched in 1999 by Karen Eini, an English Foreign Language teacher in Israel. Jay Bryant, Educational Consultant ( USA)  is integrally involved in the development and strategic planning of the program.  Eini and Bryant both believe in the power of Internet for multicultural exchange. Their  collaborative infrastructure has empowered thousands of students and educators world wide. 

Jay Bryant, is current co-director and Chief Technology officer of Friends and Flags. Bryant is the  Director of Business Development for Educational Testing Service.  Prior work  included, Vice President at,  Information Architect at and Manager of Corporate Communications at Freedom Communications. Bryant has a  BA in Photography from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and spent many years as a newspaper photographer & editor before starting work in educational technology. Karen Eini is current co-director and  project coordinator  of Friends and Flags. Eini  is an English Foreign Language teacher in Israel with a   BA in Communications from McGill, Montreal  and a Masters in TESOL  Loughborough, England.  Eini's work includes, authoring  textbooks and EFL games, curriculum development, teacher training, project coordination and course design. Eini  has presented and  led collaborative learning and leadership workshops in  USA, Canada, Cyprus, Romania and Israel. 



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