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 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Friends and Flags  is based on the concept of TEAMS. Students are members of collaborating teams in several levels.  They are members of a team in their own classroom, in their international group and in the project as a whole. TEAM as far as Friends and Flags is concerned, stands for Together Everyone Adds More. TEAM!

Check out what  TEAMs have been doing in  2004-2005.

TEAM Tsunamis:  The destruction of the earthquake and tsunamis wave that rocked our world on December 26th, 2004 was beyond belief.  Hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions left homeless . People from around the world responded. Including Friends and Flags schools and teams. Read about how Georgina and students from Glendale Elementary School, BC, Canada made their TEAM effort to help!

Georgina and students felt they HAD to do something to help the victims of the Tsunamis disaster. . So this is how they began 

Before the school session even returned after the holiday,  they  held a class meeting for  deciding upon a plan of action. The follow list reflects how they organized themselves.   

1) Title: Adopt-a-Village

2) Create a classroom committee to lead the project

3) Inform the superintendant of schools about our project

4) Inform school principals district wide, and invite them to have their  students donate a gently used toy or other comfort item (with a one-week time frame)

5) Provide each school with a collection box for the donations

6) Collect the items

7) Sort and package them

8)  Contact transportation sources for free shipping and/or donations to pay for shipping

9)  Coordinate contact information with disaster area with Friends and Flags coordinator , Karen Eini

10)  Contact made with Friends and Flags partner Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Fauzdar  who lives in New Dehli and will help ensure that our packages reach our adopted village!!!

In the picture below you can see the students of Glendale Elementary  at City Hall with the Mayor of Williams Lake.

Bravo Glendale Elementary for being a great TEAM.  Read this article about their efforts in their local newspaper!!!


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