Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

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Reflections about class trip from Crevola Italy to Nova Scotia Canada


We learnt many things about Canada, for example :
-the history of this beautiful place
- Canadian guys hobbies
- what they usually eat
In Nova Scotia you can see a lot of trees, many lakes and some wonderful landscapes. In Nova Scotia there is also less traffic than in Italy, so there are few car accident.
Our Canadian friends can drive a car, because in Canada you can drive when you are 16 years old, and they are very good drivers. On the contrary in Italy you can take the licence to drive when you are 18 years old and so we must go outside with our parent's car.
Italian and Canadian guys love all kinds of sport very much, we played many games like soccer (we won ), pool ( we lost ), basketball...
We love the same music : Blink 182, SUN 41, Celine Dion
Canadian guys can't drink alcholic drinks until they are 18 and in my opinion it's a very good thing.
I enjoyed the place where I lived very much,because it's near Porters'Lake and so i tried sea-doo.
( the first time I was scared but it's wonderful ) and I went sailing with family's personal wheatcraft.
I also enjoyed the hockey game that we saw in Dartmouth, a little town near Halifax. The museums were nice but a little boring because we didn't understand some words. 

Bye, Luca


I had a lot of fun in Canada with Chelsie and all the other guys.

Chelsie and her family were very nice and kind with me.
I hope to see them soon!!
This was an unforgettable experience in my life!!!
Dear Karen,
My name is Floriana and I am one of the Italian students who went to Halifax almost a month ago. First of all, I would like to thank you because I could done this great experience thanks to the "Friends and Flags" project. 
 During the trip in Nova Scotia I met lots of kind and great fun people, I also had a "new" mother and a "new" father (so now I have four parents!), I saw so many beautiful things that I am afraid I can't remember them for a long time and, I think this is the most important thing, I enjoyed myself very much with my classmates and my Canadian friends. Unfortunately the day of the leaving has come too early. I miss my epal, my crazy Canadian family, the Canadian teacher...I miss all the people I have met!! 
Anyway, I think it was one of the best experience in my whole life! 
 I say thank you again before stop writing.
                    Lots of love,
                                                                                                   Floriana Riccio   





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