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 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Friends and Flags Privacy Policy

Friends and Flags cares about maintaining safe and effective collaboration and maintains the following Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Use

 Friends and Flags  collects personally identifiable information from participants  such as  name, email, address, phone number, grade level for the sole purpose of project coordination. It is used only for correspondence with project coordinator and between international team partners. This information is not sold, leased or published on the website. Only general, non-personally identifiable listing of country participants are posted on the Friends and Flags site. Participating schools are invited to post their Friends and Flags websites   on the moderated community links page.

Friends and Flags Community

Friends and Flags discussion boards  are password protected and  moderated by the  Friends and Flags  coordinator and Friends and Flags teachers. Postings that do not follow the appropriate use guidelines are removed.

Friends and Flags  chat room is scheduled for classroom use, and must be moderated by teachers who are present during the chat.

All content submitted to the Friends and Flags website  such as pictures, drawings, testimonials, activities, stories are approved and sent by participating classroom teachers. No last names, only initials  are provided with student generated material and class  pictures.

All content for the Friends and Flags newsletter and Class in the spotlight is submitted by classroom teachers.  The final version   must receive the  teacher's approval before publication on the Friends and Flags website.

The Friends and Flags Teacher Kit includes an in depth explanation of the project as well as a  parental consent form.     It is responsibility of the  participating teachers, to obtain permission from Director of school and of the parents for participation in Friends and Flags.

Please do not hesitate to contact Friends and Flags Coordinator, Karen Eini   with any questions, comments, or concerns.



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