Friends and Flags (Archived Version!)

 Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration

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Community Center Art Gallery

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Andrew & Fred - Grade 6 -Doncrest Public school,  Ontario, Canada

Austin & Chris ,Gr.6. Beckly,  WV,USA


Shir & Meytar -Gr. 6 Ein Ganim,  Israel


Courtney, Despina, Aaron and Jessica, Gr. 6

Doncrest Public School, Ontario, Canada


Petia - Year 6 -  Sheffield, U.K.



Yuval - Gr. 6, Geulim,  Israel

Dor  Ein Ganim School ,Gr. 6, Israel 

Ben & Gallal -Year Six - Sheffield, U.K.


Johnny E.Gr. 6, Doncrest Public  School, Ontario, Canada