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Friends and Flags : A School-Wide Project 

 Doncrest Public School in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, implemented Friends and Flags in their whole school! Micheline Joseph, a 6th grade teacher, was responsible for the coordination of the project in Doncrest and explains as follows: 

The Friends and Flags project incorporates many of the components of  our Social Studies and  Language and Arts Curriculum.  Each of the grades from 1st  to 7th at Doncrest P.S. worked on a section of the cultural package that best supported their particular curriculum expectation.  Sections included subjects such as, Our School, Our Community, Holidays and Celebrations, Country Identification, Canadian Weather, Cost of Living, Tourism, Foods, Current Events and Canada’s Trading Partners.  In this way we were able to work  collaboratively to create a rich package about different aspects of Canada and Canadian life . The project implementation was presented to our  Schoolboard and received positive feedback!

The end of the year of hard work was celebrated with a cultural exhibition. This was very exciting as it was reported on local television and radio. 

Doncrest's Cultural Evening

For a realpayer movie of this event click here!

Friends and Flags Packages on Tour!

Friends and Flags Partner, France De La Rochelle from Mexico,  writes her Canadian partner Micheline the following letter! 

Dear Micheline

Please tell your students that I will be using some of your
 package for my United Nations club. Each year we participate in a U.N Conference in Dallas, Texas and this year some of my students need to  represent Canada. We will be bringing your game, booklet and all your  pictures to add to our display for Canada. So your package will in part travel to the United States as well. Thanks again, you and your students did an amazing job!!!!!

France De La Rochelle 



This year  schools and summer camps have joined together to form the F&F first summer session!!. Towsan  University, Kids for Peace Summer Camp in Maryland, USA  is working with schools in Argentina, Australia and Senegal!! Their project activities will be posted on the F&F website in a special summer link!





 English Forever School, Brazil

This is the second year that the students of the English Forever school in Brazil have participated in Friends and Flags. Patty Pettinati coordinates the project  and encourage her students  to be as creative as possible when depicting Brazil to their international partners. This year   Patty's classes are  making  an amateur movie of their town, Santa Branca.They´re very excited and the section "Our Community" promises to look very good with an accompanying video and real pictures! A special thank you to Patty and students for being great global partners!

 Student Testimonials

I like the project Friends and Flags very much because we can know new friends, we learn about other countries and people and it's very interesting and fun. I think that the idea of the project is great becuase we learned that people all over the world are equal, inspite of the different cultures. The idea of the website of the project is excellent because it helps us to learn English in an original way. 

Congratulations to you Karen for winning the  GSN award. I wish you good luck with the project and with your career. Maybe that will be the way for peace in the world. 

Maytar Nafshi, Gr.6. Israel


My name is ANCA MOCULESCU and I am from Romania, I am a high-school student .and I want you to know what Karen means to me. Well first of all she is my friend and when ever i have a problem I don't hesitate to write to her.I met her last year during a camp in Baia-Mare(a town in Romania), she was a volunteer trainer there. Before I go into details I want you to know that back then I didn't know how to use the computer.She taught me , she even let me work on her lap-top.I was astonished...never in my whole life had I imagined that I could work on such a computer. After that in order to be able to talk to her I started to use the internet. My dream is to work with people, to comunicate,to develop relationships.Guess who helped me to make my dream come true?...Karen, of course, she got me involved in "Friends and Flags" project and right now I have a group of 24 students who work with me and try to learn what team-work means. May be for you it's nothing but here in Romania it means a lot to be in such a means being in touch with reality. 

Anca, Romania


Are you doing something special in your school or community. Share your success with the Friends and Flags Community.

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