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Friends and Flags Logo Contest 2001                                         Students from England, Belarus, Italy, USA, Canada and Israel participated in this years logo contest. Judges had a difficult time choosing from all  the wonderful logos which included, drawings, paintings, posters and digital  logos. Winning Logos are placed on the front page of the Friends and Flags website and all logos are exhibited in the  Friends and Flags online Gallery.  Friends and Flags T-shirts with winning logo will be mailed to all three winners. Contributing classrooms will also receive a small gift for their participation in the contest.
Logo group 8.jpg (107293 bytes) First Prize: HS Jessica Padova, Grade 11, Liceo Scientifico, G Ferrari School, Italy
Belarus1S.jpg (28573 bytes) First Prize: JH

Pavel Shareko, Grade 9, Volkovysk, Belarus


susy.jpg (50766 bytes) First Prize: Elemenatry  Laura, Gr. 6 Raleigh County Schools, Beckley, West Virginia, USA 



Friends and Flags in Finland

Kirsti Huurrekorpi and  students in Finland are very excited because they were sponsored and interviewed on the radio and television about Mutli-cultural learning. Kirsti describes the event: The idea was to learn about other cultures and get to know each other better. The students gathered information about countries which are presented in our school at the moment: Kosovo, Iraq, India and New Zealand and our own minority groups: Karelians (from the parts Finland lost to Russia, one of the teachers comes from Karelia), gypsies (two students) and the Sami-people from the north (my roots are in Lapland). We also represented our   F&F partners in the party. What a mixture but that's what the world is!  My students had the main responsibility of the event and they were rewarded by a small amount of money because some organizations found the idea so important.That's why they were interviewed in the radio and by two newspapers. So, they enjoyed telling about the work they had done and told about F&F project as well.  During the day we learned dances from Israel and Balkan, painted, listened to music, read stories from all countries, tasted cakes from Iraq and learned how to make a Maori-toy. Some had henna tattoos and learned some words in new languages. The older students had prepared a globe during art lessons and during the day we put small flags on all countries we had "travelled". Thank you Kirsti- For sharing your special event!




 Ein Ganim School Petach Tikvah, Israel

Marsha Goren's 5th and 6th grade students of  Ein Ganim school in Israel have been outstanding F& F Partners. They  have been working hard researching and making their  cultural packages, writing emails and participating in the F&F discussion board. Prinicipal, Heddy Rosenthal is very pleased  and supportive  of their  participation as are the parents. Many parents have helped take class pictures, make  movies and crafts and several have even signed the Friends and Flags Forum.  Marsha's  students sent in the most logos to the F&F logo contest and have displayed true F&F collaborative spirit!  Marsha you have  done an incredible job motivating your  students to learn English by becoming global citizens! Bravo, Ein Ganim School! To learn  more about Ein Ganim school visit:






Here's how some Friends and Flags  partners wish you a Happy New Year !  Figure out which languages are represented here . Answers will be posted in the next newsletter. Hint: Check out which countries are participating in Friends and Flags!

1. Boldog ujéve
2. Akemashite omedeto
3. Laimingu najuju metu
4. Godt nytår
5 Buon anno
6 Mutlu (or Hos) yilbasi
7 Shana Tova
8 Frohes neues jahr
9 Eutychismenos ho kainourgios chronos
10 Hauskaa Joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!

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